sustainable production

Ever committed to developing customised solutions in line with the evolving needs of the textile industry, our Group has long been oriented towards sustainable innovation.
We prioritise the reuse of recycled and recyclable raw materials, focusing research and production in this area in the new CLOSEOOP division.

Our products are a value-enhanced choice to create a more sustainable and traceable textile supply chain. We offer a raw material that concretely embodies the tenets of circular economy:

energy saving

Our production facilities prioritise the use of renewable energy, and are equipped with photovoltaic systems presenting an installed capacity of more than 650KWp, and geothermal energy systems. The new office building – the first of its kind in Italy – is PH+ (PASSIVE HOUSE PLUS) certified. It is a passive building that optimises all free energy inputs (photovoltaic, geothermal), and ensures perfect air-tightness, avoiding any thermal exchange between internal and external environments.

These investments allow us to save 390 tonnes/year of CO2 emissions.

a global sustainability culture

Our utmost attention is paid to procedures, technologies and good practices that allow us to harmoniously carry out our mission towards the surrounding environment and the people addressed by our products.

Proper management of environmental risk throughout the production cycle, as well as maintaining air and water quality are priorities we achieve by reducing harmful products used in manufacturing processes.

We protect the health of workers and consumers through quality products and processing methods.