CLOSEOOP products:
the second life of textile fibres


miscellaneous pre-consumer and post-consumer scrap and waste fibre: yarns, fabrics, pieces, knits, jumpers or coats, which can be used after removing parts (zips, labels, buttons, etc.) that cannot be processed.

We’re open to evaluate other inputs non typical of textile containing fibre materials.


Various types of product are obtained after careful laboratory analysis and quality control.


The new fibre becomes a staple preparation that is marketed either pure or blended with other fibres to obtain a product featuring the properties and colours desired by the user, a company in the textile chain. The staple blend, in the form of ready for use pressed bales, presents a well balanced and mixed blend of the various fibres that form it. This blend is suitable for all applications, from spinning to padding. The fibre can be further processed into the shape of buttons and flames for various applications that might require it.


The result of the blending process becomes the input for the carding cycle carried out in-house to produce tops or sliver.

Depending on the length of the fibres, the process involves various types of lines on customised machines for recycled products.  The process, which is very delicate, consists in ensuring that the individual fibres are parallel, avoiding all forms of impurities and deformation to obtain a premium quality sliver that is ready for spinning and other applications.

New applications

Thanks to our know-how and corporate structure, the division also offers products in different forms according to customer needs.

Such as thermoplastic application products, non-woven, etc.

Thanks to the partnership with Magnolab – textile Innovation District, being a founding member, we can also approach projects involving the full supply chain with broad and focused competences.